BMX riders share important passion, perseverance and goal-setting messages to Intermediate School students


Intermediate School students had an important message about passion perseverance and goal-setting reinforced to them during a special June 3 outdoor assembly featuring professional BMX rider performing stunts.

The “Go Green BMX Show” is an impactful educational program that uses the energy and excitement of BMX riding to deliver critical messages about character, respect, persistence and determination to students in a relatable and understandable manner.  The assembly was sponsored by the Intermediate PTOBMX biker with students

During the presentation, a BMX biker impressed students with their gravity-defying bike stunts, while also talking about having big goals and dreams, the importance of having allies, finding what drives you and never quitting.

students shaking hands with BMX biker

A BMX biker performed amazing tricks that sent him high in the air, wowing cheering students, faculty and administrators.

BMX bikerBMX (an abbreviation for bicycle motocross or bike motocross) tricks, also known as stunts, are maneuvers performed on BMX bikes. BMX tricks can be performed on any type of terrain, but are most commonly done on dirt jumps, quarter pipes, and ramps. In BMX Freestyle, riders perform routines consisting of sequences of tricks carried out on flat ground, in the streets, on dirt jumps, a halfpipe and/or on constructed ramps. In competition, riders are judged on the quality of their performance. BMX Freestyle competition appeared in its first Olympic Games in 2021 in Tokyo.BMX biker driving over faculty

The assembly also featured a special stunt featuring teachers and support staff who good naturedly participated to the delight and cheers of students and their colleagues.

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