Capital Project: Phase I construction updates

Person works on school building's windows. He has a work table under an awning.The first phase of the $36.9 million capital project approved by voters in February 2017 has been underway since June 25 and is scheduled to conclude on August 31.

This summer’s construction has focused on the elementary and intermediate school buildings at the Minisink campus. Earlier in the summer, construction crews removed original vinyl asbestos tile from 25 classrooms at Minisink Valley Elementary School and have been replacing them with bright, new vinyl (non-asbestos) tile.

Sections of the exterior slate-wall system at the elementary and intermediate schools are being replaced with a new insulated facade to improve energy efficiency and appearance. As a result, a brighter, safer and more energy-efficient school awaits students and staff this fall.

In preparation for phase II of the capital project in the summer of 2019, engineers are performing soil borings. Phase II will involve the sewer treatment plant and begin the renovation of the high school cafeteria.

On behalf of the entire school community, the district wishes to extend a sincere word of appreciation to the staff and administration of buildings and grounds. They are doubling down on their summer duties by moving furniture around, removing and reinstalling/replacing sinks and shelving, and addressing a new list of construction-related tasks, every day.