Gold charger plates serve up vocabulary lessons for sixth-graders

students holding a plate with wordsAlison Miller and Joanna Browning’s sixth-grade ELA students recently had platefuls of words served up to them during a lesson designed to expand their vocabulary knowledge.

Students worked with a partner to recall definitions, parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms for their ELA vocabulary words.

Each student pair had a dry-erase marker, eraser, and large gold charger plate.  They worked together to write down as much information as they could about a displayed vocabulary word in 60 seconds.

students writing words on a plateAfter 60 seconds, the word was reviewed together and points were awarded for each correct detail that the students recorded.  A total of 10 vocabulary words were explored.

“They worked together so nicely and were able to come up with meanings, synonyms and antonyms we spoke of in class as well as others on their own,” said Mrs. Browning, adding the idea came from a recent Consultant Teacher Model presentation given to sixth-grade teachers.

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