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Thursday August 24, 2017 at 11:25am Age: 1 year
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Dear Fellow Community Members,

It’s been a vibrant and accomplished summer at Minisink Valley Central School District, and we are more excited than ever as we begin to roll out another promising school year!

It seems it was only yesterday that we sent our Class of 2017 off to change the world, and it won’t be long before we welcome our new and returning students to school on Tuesday, September 5.

Exciting new opportunities and innovations await our students and faculty this fall, and beyond. Some of the changes we will experience are the result of this summer’s endeavor to complete the EXCEL construction project. Others are a testimony of our community’s strong and visionary support of our schools and our youth.

Summer at Minisink Valley…

Over the past two months, scores of our students enjoyed a variety of summer camps in athletics, music, or just plain fun and games, and peer interaction. The camps are also an opportunity for older students to take on leadership roles as coaches and counselors.

Our school libraries were open to encourage learning and growing throughout the season.

A group of thirty incoming kindergartners participated in the two-week “Step Up to Kindergarten” program at the Otisville and Minisink Valley Elementary Schools. They were comfortably eased into their new school life, and are eager to help their peers do the same.

The Class of 2017 August Commencement graduated nine determined seniors, under the leadership of Summer School Principal Eileen Cook.

Beginning on August 14, varsity and junior varsity athletes and coaches took over our fields and facilities once again and have been working hard, every day, for a strong start to the fall season. 

As always, we want to extend a special thanks to all our staff who work through the summer to revitalize our district:

  • Buildings and Grounds: B&G teams kept the district bustling, sprucing up every niche of our facilities and grooming our legendary fields.
  • Transportation Department: Staff and mechanics continued to focus on the safety and efficiency of our bus fleet and routes, and bus drivers took time for refresher safety courses.
  • Technology Team: We will all benefit from the equipment replacements and system upgrades our tech team performed.
  • Faculty: Many of our teachers participated in professional development and curriculum work.
  • Administration and Support Staff: Together they worked diligently to lay the groundwork for another quality, academic experience for our students. 

New this year…

With the support of our community and the district’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, we are fortunate to have in place a school budget that advances our mission to prepare all our students for the college and career challenges of our time — while balancing the needs of our tax payers.

Curriculum and Instruction

Under the 2017-18 budget, new academic opportunities will ensue from the addition of seven new faculty positions, the reinstatement of two others, and an increased focus on technology. 

  • K-5: Two additional reading teachers will enhance our K-2 curriculum, and two teachers in Academic Intervention Services (AIS) will help strengthen our Student Support Services. K-5 physical education (PE) programs will expand competencies with the addition of a district-wide PE teacher to address class-section needs and provide adapted physical education.
  • Middle School: The addition of two foreign language teachers will reinstate a two full-year curriculum to all our seventh and eighth graders.
  • High School: Two new faculty members in English Language Arts (ELA) and social studies will improve class and scheduling options, and create new opportunities for college electives through Syracuse University.
  • District-wide: A new supervisor of professional learning will be tasked with professional development, and the progressive integration of technology instruction in the classroom. This year will also mark the completion of the Chrome Book initiative with the expansion to all eighth grade classrooms. 

Athletics and Extra-Curricular

In athletics, students will benefit from the addition of a modified boys and girls lacrosse program, a varsity girls golf team, and two coaches to our cross county program.

The reinstatement of six 5:15 late bus runs, five nights a week, will enhance and facilitate student engagement in sports and all other extra-curricular activities.

Community engagement…

It takes all of us to raise and educate our children. We invite you to participate in our school events and extra-curricular initiatives. Join the PTO. Share a talent or a gift. Volunteer. Join us at our Board of Education meetings. Follow the life of our schools on our website and cheer for our students on our Facebook page. Let us meet you and hear from you. 

Together we can make the new school year the best ever for all our students.

WELCOME BACK and we all look forward to another great year in Minisink!