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Tuesday August 29, 2017 at 8:24am Age: 1 year
Category: District


Minisink Valley Central School District is pleased to welcome 24 new faculty members to the 2017-18 school year!

While participating in a two-day orientation program on August 24-25, our new partners in education shared the joy of their new beginnings in Minisink Valley’s school community. 

Matt Nilsson, a new social studies teacher for the high school, didn’t wait for the first day of school to meet Minisink students. He jumped right in as a volunteer coach to the boys’ varsity and junior varsity soccer teams, and he is already a familiar face to many on campus.

“Everyone has been very helpful here. I haven’t looked forward to a school year like this, ever,” Mr. Nilsson said. He taught in Brooklyn schools for the past five years.

Christina Morelli, a new high school counselor, was around a few days over the summer and reports feeling warmly welcomed and excited to join such a positive school environment. She is coming from Bergen County, NJ.

Elizabeth Mateer, a new AIS math teacher at Otisville Elementary, taught at the middle school six years ago and is delighted to be back in the Minisink district.

Anthony Berardi brings 15 years of experience in physical education (PE) and joins Minisink as a K-12 adapted physical education teacher. This new, district-wide position will support class-section needs and expand the competencies of Minisink’s physical education programs for all our students. Mr. Berardi is especially excited for the opportunity to work with students and PE faculty in all our schools. 

Sara Zevola is joining the intermediate school’s third grade AIS team as a reading teacher. “This is my first permanent position and a big, new opportunity for me,” she said.

Please join us in welcoming our new faculty:

  • Susanne Balfour, Teacher, Otisville Elementary, Grade 4
  • Julie Barrett, Occupational Therapist, District/Elementary
  • Anthony Berardi, Teacher, Adapted Physical Education, District/Intermediate School
  • Valerie Burger, Teacher, Reading, Elementary School         
  • Kelly Collins, Teacher, Reading, Elementary School                                      
  • Heather Conklin, Teacher, Grade 6, Middle School Science/Social Studies 
  • Caitlin Cooney, Reading Teacher, Otisville Elementary                                            
  • Jessica Grasso, Teacher, Social Studies, High School 
  • Eden Held, Teacher, Spanish, Middle School
  • Alyson Luscher, Teacher, Special Education, High School                                         
  • Sally Mankoo, Teacher, Grade 2, Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Mateer, Teacher, AIS Math, Otisville Elementary             
  • Shannon McChesney, Teacher, Speech, Elementary School                          
  • Kelly McGoldrick, Teacher, Physical Education, High School 
  • Christine Morelli, Teacher, Counselor, High School  
  • Matthew Nilsson, Teacher, Social Studies, High School
  • Ashley Rielly, Teacher, Special Education, High School
  • Beth Stanitski-Wendell, Teacher, English, High School
  • Christopher Tuthill, Teacher, Technology, High School
  • Leiny Valet, Teacher, English, High School
  • Pasqua Ventre, Teacher, Music, Middle School
  • James Wiley, Teacher, Biology, High School
  • Jennifer Zaro, Teacher, Science, Middle School
  • Sara Zevola, Teacher, Reading, Intermediate School