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Monday September 25, 2017 at 10:36am Age: 1 year
Category: High School, District


With social media keeping the world at our fingertips, most of us can hardly imagine being denied access to information, let alone being told what books we can and can’t read.

In reality, many books and reading materials continued to be successfully challenged and ultimately removed from libraries and schools across the United States. That’s why nearly every library in the country continues to celebrate the freedom to read and open access to information with the annual Banned Book Week in September.

To raise awareness among MVHS students about censorship and ongoing challenges to the freedom to read, the school library displayed a collection of books banned in recent years, accompanied by the rationale behind the ban.  

Among them are some of our students' favorites such as “Harry Potter,” the Alex Rider series, “Fahrenheit 451,” and “Of Mice and Men.” Students were invited to checkout these banned works and pose with their book choice in the Banned Books photo booth.

"Nearly every book on the Banned Books display has been checked out,” said Mrs. Lombardo, library media specialist. “The students are both shocked and curious to learn why books are being banned. The idea that they might be denied access to a book lights a unique kind of spark. They are at once excited and determined to read these challenged works.”