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Tuesday October 24, 2017 at 10:14am Age: 1 year
Category: District


Please join us in recognizing the members of our Board of Education: President Joseph Flaherty, Vice-president William Cooper, Shawn Cahill, Kathlee DeRose, James Emery, Jr., Alfred Gibbs, John Odland, Catherine Prezioso, and Thomas Salamone. We honor them for their volunteer service, and their dedication to all our students.

Our school board members shoulder one of the most critical citizen responsibilities in our community: to oversee the education of Minisink Valley’s youth, and ensure that our schools are responding to the needs of our community. During the October-18 Board of Education meeting, a group of students took turns reading through Governor Cuomo's Proclamation of School Board Recognition Week (video link).

With students at the center, our school board members create a vision for the future of education, guide our school district to achieve the highest student performance, and provide accountability for student achievement. Each year, the board of education balances district resources with our students’ educational needs and aspirations to present a school budget to the community. In close collaboration with district and building administrators, our school board members help create a healthy school district culture in which to work and to learn.

The average school board member spends about 240 volunteer hours per year on board responsibilities. That equates to almost a month and a half of full-time work.

According to the New York State School Board Association, 5,106 school board members statewide oversee $65-billion in educational funding for 691 public school districts – with more than 2.6 million students.

THANK YOU, Minisink Valley BOE!