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Tuesday March 6, 2018 at 10:57am Age: 287 days
Category: Intermediate, District


Barely recovered from their winter concert, the Intermediate School Band, led by Mr. Hulle, is now on tour.

Performing for the elementary school classes, the band tour is a celebration of Music in Our Schools Month, and an additional opportunity for students to build confidence as musicians.

One small group at a time, they gather in the band room for a quick warm-up, and walk their instruments, books and stands to an appointed elementary classroom, visibly excited. 

“The students know they stand out more in small group performances, and they feel the responsibility of their role. That pushes them to get their parts right,” Mr. Hulle said.

On Monday, a trumpet group performed for Mrs. O’Connor’s second grade students, and answered their questions.


— Q&A...

"Did you guys work really hard? 
— "Yes!” the band answered, as a chorus.

“When you get to fifth grade, do you get to choose your own instrument?” 
— “It was difficult to decide, but you need to pick the one you’re most comfortable with,” answered Nyree. Mr. Hulle chimed in: “When you get to 4th grade, you come and see me. I’ll let you every single instrument we have, and you get to pick the one you like and feels right for you.” 

“Do you have drums?” 
—“We have a whole family of percussion instruments. If you choose percussion, you’re responsible for all of them: drums, cymbals, bells, tambourines, triangles--all of them,” Mr. Hulle said. 

“Is it hard?”
—“You have to practice over and over until you get it right,” said  JD. Later JD admitting to “messing up” a couple of times during the performance, but he was pleased with himself overall.  

“Who’s going to sign up for band?” Mrs. O’Connor asked.
— Nearly every student raised a hand. According to Mr. Hulle, 78 percent of fifth graders at MVIS are enrolled in the band program.

On their way to Mrs. O'Connor's room, some students admitted being "a bit nervous." After their tour, a new feeling emerged. “I felt confident!” said Emma, as if surprised at herself.