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Thursday September 28, 2017 at 2:30pm Age: 1 year
Category: Middle School


Sixth graders in Mrs. Lee’s gold science classes had some edible help with their understanding of a unit on rocks.

Lessons involved an exploration of the complexities of the rock cycle, discovering and comparing types of rock formation, and learning to identify a rock’s place in the cycle. As part of the new
Next Generation Science Standards, the unit incorporated some innovative ways of learning, including integrated Chrome Book activities, as well as interactive rock centers that allowed students to “become rocks” and move through the cycle as one.

But the unit’s sweet spot was the creation of edible candy rocks, with the help of Mr. Caldwell, Mrs. Lockett, and Mrs. McElroy. If it’s starting to sound like a really good time, well, there were songs about rocks, too.

Student Takeaways

What was your favorite part of our rock unit?
A. "Probably the group rock activity because you were able to see and touch the rocks." Anastasia Albornoz

Q. If you could be any rock, which one would you be?
A. "An igneous rock because it comes from magma and that is one of my favorite things." Ryan Burton

What was your favorite lab from of our rock unit?
A. "The candy rocks lab because you got to experience hands-on stuff." Savana Juncaj

Name one thing you didn't know about rocks before we completed this unit?
A. "How sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks are created. Sedimentary rocks come from sediments; metamorphic rocks come from heat and pressure; and igneous rocks are from the cooling of magma." Noah Palusko

Q. In your opinion, what helped you understand this unit the best?
A. "The human rock cycle and the interactive rock diagram because moving helped me remember." Louis Marrero