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Thursday March 2, 2017 at 8:51am Age: 2 yrs
Category: Otisville Elementary, District


Seven Otisville students in grades 3-5 will be competing in Odyssey of the Mind’s regional tournament this Saturday, March 4, in Goshen.


Only one student, fifth grader Ethan, has previous experience with the Odyssey program. He returned because he enjoys thinking creatively. Nicholas, a fourth grader, was encouraged to audition by his teacher. She told him he was smart, creative and would be a valuable team member. Kameryn, a fourth grader, learned about it from a friend who recommended it. Patrick, a third grader, wanted to act. He auditioned for Odyssey and the school musical.


In the group’s chosen Odyssey challenge--“To Be Continued: A Superhero Cliffhanger--creativity is endangered and dependent on team members to survive. The students were required to create, and will present, a humorous performance about an unlikely superhero who saves creativity in three different, perilous situations. In true superhero fashion, he must change his appearance to blend with the rest of us humans when his superpowers are at rest. The performance also calls for a clumsy sidekick, a nemesis character, a choreographed battle, and a cliffhanger ending. Phew!


Patrick had fun learning to use some of his Dad’s tools to help build the set. John, a fourth grader, has also enjoyed building tasks, painting, and practicing his lines. Fourth-grader Aaron feels proud of the team’s hard work and results. For fourth-grader Tommy, the greatest challenge has been preparing for the spontaneous component of the competition. They have practiced by answering hard questions.


“This group was ready to learn and work hard from day one. They follow directions, and they’ve been a pleasure to coach,” said David Gronner, a special education teacher advising Otisville’s OotM team. “I’m very proud of them and the challenges they’ve conquered together.” 


Their honest efforts are behind the confidence they demonstrate. Winning would be most exciting, but most of all, they are determined to have fun!


Congratulations and best of luck to Otisville's Odyssey of the Mind Team!