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Friday January 12, 2018 at 11:01am Age: 1 year
Category: Otisville Elementary, District


“Words are but the signs of ideas,” and “language is the dress of thought,” said Samuel Johnson, the author of “A Dictionary of the English Language” (1755).

Recognizing that reading and language skills are critical to a child’s development and  success in school, Minisink Valley Kiwanis have invested generous time and resources to bring The Dictionary Project to all third graders in our schools. On Thursday, Jan. 11, each Otisville third grader was presented with a personal dictionary. 

A non-profit organization, The Dictionary Project believes that a dictionary is an essential tool for a quality education and provides personal dictionaries to all school children. Typically implemented in third grade, the program helps improve reading and writing skills and encourages critical and creative thinking. The personal dictionaries are a working tool for home and school, and a gift students can cherish for years to come.