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Wednesday March 1, 2017 at 9:55am Age: 2 yrs
Category: Intermediate, District


An energetic team of seven fifth-grade girls will represent the Intermediate School at the 2017 Odyssey of the Mind regional tournament, this Saturday, March 4, in Goshen.


New to the program as they all are, their confidence and spirit are striking. With good reason: “I never met a group of girls that could have me laughing one second and inspire me in the next. They are well beyond their age level,” said art teacher Stefani Caporlingua who advises the team with music/chorus teacher Danielle Cornacchio.


Motivation for joining Odyssey of the Mind comes in many forms. Autumn Crawford was attracted to the program because she likes to draw, and was excited to have Ms. Caporlingua, her “favorite teacher, ever,” as an adviser.  Lydia Penaluna wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps. He has fond memories of his own experience of Odyssey of the Mind. 


The seven explorers chose to take on “Classics… It’s Time, OMER,” which is problem three of the five choices the program sets each year. The problem calls for the creation of an original performance about time travelers in search of the inspiration source for enduring works of art. 


In researching and writing their script, the students wrestled with many challenges: creating a performance that would demonstrate how three works of art impacted the world; devising a visual and audible effect to indicate the occurrence of time-traveling; re-creating two classic works of art; creating their own original, and more—all of it without any adult help.


“The most fun part about being in Odyssey is to do it all by ourselves, without any help,” Eva Fitzpatrick said. As for difficulties, all agreed with Skylar Fogarty: “The greatest challenge was recreating all the artworks and make them as accurate as possible.”


The exploratory and collaborative nature of the program offers many opportunities for learning and growth, and the group is quite aware of how far they’ve come in the last few months. “I will always remember how much we grew as people,” Allison Lukiansky said. “We learned to listen to each other’s ideas and how to reach agreement.”


Once again, Skylar spoke for the group: “We learned that we shouldn’t go with the most common and easiest idea if we really want to come up with something creative.” For Alyssa Gale, the lessons were more hands-on: “I learned to use a saw and an X-acto knife.”


Just three days away, and as they fine-tune their performance, Avary Hoffmann is anxious to see the judges reaction, but excited to brave them on stage with her strong, united team. “In the beginning we were just friends. Now we are a family,” Lydia Penaluna said.


Happy time-travels to our seven on Saturday, and may Omer—and the judges—be with you!