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Monday June 12, 2017 at 12:39pm Age: 2 yrs
Category: Intermediate, District


How do machines work? What can we learn about them while playing with Legos?

Third graders at the Intermediate School had an opportunity to ponder these questions while participating in the Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® program.

One-hour lessons began with a brief history of a familiar machine: The Ferris Wheel. Using the simplest terms and everyday life examples, students were introduced to such concepts as momentum and velocity, the role of gravity, gears and motors – and Newton’s laws of motion (inertia; force-acceleration; action-reaction).

Divided in teams of 2 and 3, students followed simple step-by-step instructions to build their Ferris wheel model. Together they solved problems, shared and discussed different ideas, and resolved conflict. In the end, with the help of a small battery, they were able take their wheel for a spin.

More About Brick 4 Kidz
This program capitalizes on the familiarity and popularity of LEGO® bricks to engage students in hands-on learning that correlates to cross-disciplinary curriculum objectives. While exploring engineering, architecture and physics concepts with kit components, students use problem solving and critical thinking skills, express themselves creatively and develop an appreciation for the way things work.