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Wednesday November 8, 2017 at 12:49pm Age: 1 year
Category: Intermediate


Our third graders were filled with anticipation and curiosity as they awaited the visit of K-9 police units last Friday. In fact, according to visiting sergeants, they had “the most insightful questions, EVER!”

"What inspired you to work with police dogs?" "Which breed of dog makes the best K9 police?"  "Where do police dogs come from and how long do they work each day?" "What happens to the dog when an officer retires?" 

All their questions were thoughtfully answered during the question-answer period that followed the K9 units demonstration. Fascinated and enamored with these four-legged public servants, students listened better than EVER, and missed nothing!

Before saying goodbye, students posed for photos with new friends. “It was the best day EVER!” many agreed. But wait, “Can they stay longer?” “Can they visit every day?” they all wished, but K9 officers have work to do!

Thank you, New York State Police, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and Middletown Police Department, for an unforgettable day to Minisink Valley’s third graders!