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Monday January 8, 2018 at 11:07am Age: 1 year
Category: Intermediate, District


How many quarter-mile laps can you walk or run in 20 minutes? That’s the challenge of the Mileage Club program being introduced to the Intermediate School’s Health and Wellness curriculum for Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds. Third grade students in Mrs. DeAngelis's class are taking the challenge and piloting the program with Physical Education teacher, Theresa Uhelsky.  

The Mileage Club incorporates the EZ Scan iTunes app which tracks laps via barcode to encourage kids to walk/run and tally their miles. Ms. Uhelsky measured out a quarter-mile course around the school’s bus circle, amounting to a mile for every four laps. Students are equipped with individual QR cards which they scan on an iPad at the end of each lap. For every five miles students walk or run they earn a token. Currently, they are motivated to collect all five winter-themed tokens.

Come spring, the Mileage Club program will be up and running during recess for all third graders at the Intermediate School. Students will learn and experience the health benefits of walking and running when they incorporate it into their daily lifestyle. At home, physical activity can also provide healthy mental breaks, away from device and TV screens.