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Thursday March 8, 2018 at 8:09pm Age: 282 days
Category: Intermediate, District


A confident team of creative, problem-solving thinkers and builders will represent the Intermediate School at the 2018 Odyssey of the Mind regional tournament, this Saturday, March 10, in Goshen.

—Their problem of choice: Triathlon Travels
To ride a team-built vehicle through a course of curling, jousting, and track. Between events, the team will entertain the audience with an original performance, and the vehicle will change appearance. 

—Their personal Odyssey...

Kiera Buckley auditioned for Odyssey inspired by her sister. “She told me it was fun, and an opportunity to contribute your own ideas to a project,” Kiera said. “You get to create things and work independently, and no one will tell you that is wrong or right. It’s just your own way.” She’s also grateful for making new friends and growing closer to others.

Gia Gangi
likes building things and is happy she has learned how to use new tools, such as a PVC pipe cutter. She is both nervous and excited about Saturday’s competition, and can’t wait to drive the car the team built.

Zachary Hemmer
saw Odyssey as a chance to build things and find solutions to problems. But things turned out even better when his penchant for “funny stuff” came in handy. He was able to contribute jokes and puns to the script, and found out that he also enjoys acting.

Dominic Marasco
has learned that in Odyssey you have to pull your weight. “You can’t rely on others to get things done. You have to make real contributions to the team,” Dominic said. He is also learning that no matter how strongly he feels about his own ideas, decisions are made as a group. Dominic especially enjoys the building aspects of the program.

Bella Odland
auditioned for the program to try something new. She didn’t anticipate having to know “other stuff,” like building things. Her comfort zone is in sharing ideas, but she’s had to challenge herself when things don’t work. “It’s not easy to try things over and over, but it feels really good when we succeed.” She is confident her school team will do well on Saturday.

Cailin Slowik likes all the creative aspects of the program, but is happiest working on props. The program is teaching her about teamwork, and to respond to failure with the will to try again, until it works. She too, is grateful for new friends.

“I joined Odyssey because I thought it would be easy,” Kayla Wasserman said. “It’s the opposite! You have to work really hard. Before the competition, we’re working every day, even during lunch and recess, but I made new friends, and we have a lot of fun together sharing our ideas.”

—A word from their coach…

“My favorite thing about Odyssey is watching a group of students building friendships through the sharing of ideas, teamwork, and creativity,” said MVIS Odyssey coach Stefani Caporlingua.

We wish our Odyssey team a great performance and the best of times at Saturday’s competition.