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Thursday August 31, 2017 at 9:26am Age: 1 year
Category: Athletics, High School


The season is off to an exciting start with the return of many of our swimmers and divers, and the energy of nine new team members. 

The early preseason was spent doing lots of drills and dry-land exercises to target specific skills and enhance performance throughout the season.

We have also been focused on team building activities to strengthen us a unit, in the lead up to competition. During an afternoon at Adventureland in Middletown, our athletes took on rope courses requiring teamwork, problem solving, and communication. With the support of their peers, many of our girls were able to push themselves well beyond their comfort zones. The day ended on a lighter note with paintball games.

Our swimmers and divers are growing more focused during training, and they will get a chance to test their skills during a mock meet, at the end of this week.

As a team, we are looking forward to pasta parties, setting lots of personal records, and seeing how far we can go in the months ahead. We have the talent and the motivation for a great season!

Come out and cheer for our athletes during our first home meet on Thu., Sep. 7, against Rhinebeck.