January 2021 Regent exams are cancelled

NYSED logoThe New York State Education Department (NYSED) has cancelled January 2021 Regent exams.

“As this school year has progressed and the dates for the administration of the January 2021 Regents Examinations have grown nearer, there remains much uncertainty as to when all secondary-level students in schools all across the State will return to fully in-person instruction,”  said Betty Rosa, NYSED interim commissioner in a memo to state and district education leaders.  “Consequently, we are cancelling the January 2021 Regents Examinations administration as we cannot be certain that these examinations can be administered in a fair, equitable and safe manner for all secondary-level students and teachers across the State at that time.”

Ms. Rosa added: “ The Department has not yet made decisions about the June and August 2021 administrations of Regents Examinations or any of the other State assessment programs. The Board of Regents and the State Education Department will continue to monitor data related to modes of instruction amid the ongoing pandemic. When it is time to decide about these Regents Examination and other State examination administration periods, those decisions will be fully informed by all available and relevant public health and educational data. And as always, we will put the health and safety of students and teachers.”