Middle school update: June 25 is curbside yearbook pickup

Middle School yearbooks have arrived and curbside pickup will take place on Thursday, June 25.  Please arrive according to the following pick up schedule:

6th grade-  9 to 10:30 a.m.
7th grade- 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
8th grade-  12  to 1:30 pm

If you have children in different grades, we ask that you come at your oldest child’s scheduled time.  As well, if you have a high school student getting their yearbook, you may pick up at the middle school at that time.

Students who have not come to pick up their locker belongings and drop off materials, may do so on June 25, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  There will also be a station for unclaimed or unidentifiable physical education items.  All items will be discarded after this date.

June 19 marks the last official day of locker pick up, letters U-Z.  Students who have not yet come to pick up their locker belongings or drop off materials may do so on Friday, June 19 between 9 a.m. to  2 p.m. if they would like.

Please reach out to the middle school administration with any questions and refer to the middle school website for specific pick up information.