Middle School’s newly installed Kindness Rock Garden offers inspiration to students and staff

Rock garden sign rock garden rocks

kids making rocks for rock gardenA Kindness Rock Garden has been created in the Middle School’s courtyard, with the intention of providing inspiration and kindness for current and future students.

It’s also another way of demonstrating the district’s commitment to social/emotional wellbeing and coping strategies.

Corinne Yanis’ students were tasked taking a positive affirmation, a chosen inspirational quote and something that expresses their individual identities and write/paint/draw that content on rocks which have since been placed in the now established rock garden.

rock garden rocks“They picked a positive affirmation that they wanted to each be reminded of and also an inspirational quote that they felt needed to be shared with others,” said Ms. Yanis. “Each of their rocks amplify the idea that each of them are unique and beautiful in their own way.”

Her classes have spending time talking about the importance of social-emotional wellness and coping strategies.

“We have especially been working on identity expression as well as spreading positivity and support to others,” she said. “Throughout the pandemic, it became clear how much students need support in this area as well as in academics. We can been tying social-rock garden rocks emotional learning to our academic curriculum in order to make it more accessible to all students. I want them to know that the things they do in school matter and make a difference toward their futures and toward other people.”

The rocks were recently assembled at the school’s courtyard.

“They will be easily seen spreading kindness for years to come,” added Ms. Yanis. “I definitely plan on continuing this project with my future classes. We could not have started this without the donations of people in our community.”