Minisink Valley Elementary first-graders practice choral and partner reading as part of two-year ‘Reading Theater’ program

library class readingThere’s so much more to do at the school library than just checking out a book…or using technology!

At Minisink Elementary, first-graders are becoming acquainted with a two-year library program called “Reading Theater.”

This week, Librarian Mia McLean is introducing the little students to the concepts of choral and partner reading beginning with a poem called “The Snowman” from Mary Ann Hoberman’s “You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You” book.

Choral reading is a literacy technique that helps students build their fluency, girls reading stanzas of a poemself-confidence, and motivation in reading. Using this technique, a student, or a group of students, reads a passage together, with or without a teacher. Choral reading can be done individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.

Led by Mrs. McLean, the class first read the poem together. After that, she read a stanza, with the class reading the next stanza aloud in unison

Later, the girls read stanzas of the poem to the boys, who then read the subsequent stanzas back to them.

two boys involved in partner readingAfter, the class was introduced to partner reading, where two students work together to read an assigned text. This reading opportunity allows students to take turns reading and provides each other with feedback as a way to monitor comprehension.

At the end of second-grade, students will take part in a special “Reading Theater” event. First-graders will continue this reading opportunity during their library classes to lead up to this and, of course, always return to their classrooms (and homes) with more books to read!

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