‘Project Graduation’ Committee presents lawn signs to the Class of 2020

girl with yard signMinisink Valley seniors picked up special Class of 2020 yard signs this past Wednesday and Thursday and quickly decorated the exterior of the homes to remind passers-by that a soon-to-be Minisink Valley graduate lives within.

The signs were delivered to them by the Minisink Valley High School Project Graduation (MVHSPG) Committee. Senior Jack Palladino, along with senior Class Parent Janice Palladino, and the Project Graduation Committee teamed up to get students yard signs a little earlier this year.

Students followed social distancing guidelines during the pickup, snapping photos and happy to see friends they may not have seen in-person (still keeping a distance, don’t worry) since the last day of school on March 13.

girl with yard signHappy, excited, thankful

“Kids were happy to see each other and were beyond excited and thankful to get their yard signs,” Peggy Schiele, a Project Graduation liaison, wrote in an email. “They were very gracious and not only thanked us for getting their signs, but for handing them out earlier than normal. In addition, we handed out some sweet treats for them to enjoy with some silly sayings.”

The treats were “Swedish Fish,” to remind them they might feel like little fish in a big pond, but to keep their heads above water; “Sour Patch,” to remind them to not allow the COVID-19 outbreak to sour their outlook on life; “Starburst,” to remind them they were “all stars” bursting with energy; and “Airheads” to remind them…. well, to not let the challenges of life turn them into “air heads.”

Boy with dogs and yard sign“They laughed, a couple cried, and many were just happy to see each other,” wrote Mrs. Schiele. “One girl commented how nice it was to just get out, get some fresh air and see a few of her classmates. We had just as many parents come as we did kids. They, too, were happy to pick up their senior’s yard sign.”

The Class of 2020 senior co-advisors thanked Project Graduation for its work.

“We appreciate all that Project Graduation does to support our senior class,” said Debbie Roda, senior class co-advisor.

“Their efforts have helped to put smiles on the faces of our seniors during this very unique year,” added senior co-advisor Marie Demchak.

girl with yard sign‘…Simply the best.’

Superintendent Brian Monahan also thanked the group for their efforts to get the seniors their signs as quickly as they did.

“Project Graduation plays such an important role in the lives of every senior class, but especially for this Class of 2020,” he added. “This is just one other reason why the Minisink Valley school community is simply the best.”

Thus far, 255 signs have been distributed. Anyone who has yet to pick up his/her sign should email to mvhspg@gmail.com.

“Project Graduation felt this would help lift the graduates’ spirits and give them a reminder that they made their way and remained #SeniorStrong girl with yard signthrough this crisis,” added Mrs. Schiele. “The All Night Graduation Celebration is a huge undertaking and takes months to plan, prepare for, and implement. We are just as disheartened as the kids that this night will not be what it traditionally has been, however, we have many great ideas that we are deliberating. Like you, we just have to see what these next few weeks bring our way and what options the governor gives us.”

Visit the district’s Facebook page for a photo gallery of students with their yard signs.