Request for action: Please share concerns to Board of Regents on proposed amendments on interscholastic athletic rules on mixed competition

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Dear Minisink Valley school community:

The New York State Education Department is proposing amendments related to mixed sports competition and the athletic placement process. Minisink Valley is among the hundreds of districts and athletic organizations statewide which have concerns about these proposals.

Most notably, the proposal would open opportunities for boys to play on girls’ sports teams and girls to play on boys’ sports teams in certain instances, regardless of potential adverse effects.

Under the proposed amendment, mixed competition regulation will no longer allow a school to determine if a male athlete will have a “significant adverse effect” upon the participation of female student-athletes.  The proposed amendments also remove several key requirements within the Athletic Placement Process (APP), including the Tanner Rating, a scale of physical development used as children transition into adolescence and then adulthood.

The district has significant concerns over the proposed changes in regulations for mixed competition, as listed. As a district, we wanted to share the concerns raised by a number of organizations involved in education and athletics across New York State who are also uniquely qualified to offer their opinions and concerns.

Very rarely do we ask our community to voice their concerns to the New York State Education Department.  But in this instance, it’s very important for any parent, student and/or community member to be aware of these proposals and understand the implications should they go forward.  Included below are several letters of concern from various local and state athletic organizations, as well as the actual State Education Department’s proposed amendments.  Please read each carefully and should you also have concerns, reach out to NYSED during this 60-day window and add your public comment.  Should these proposals become finalized as written, we believe they have the potential to significantly and negatively impact the district’s Athletic Program.

For your review:

Proposed Amendment of Sections 135.1, 135.4, and 135.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to Mixed Competition and Extra Class Athletic Activities

Concern with recommendation letter from Dr. Robert J. Zayas, Executive Director of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA)

Letter of concern from the Executive Board of the New York State Athletic Administrators Association

Letter of concern from the Mid-Hudson School Study Council

Currently, NYSED is in a 60-day open comment period regarding these amendments.  This timeframe will close July 22.  Once the 60-day open comment period ends, the changes recommended by NYSED will be presented to the Board of Regents for a vote on Sept. 25.

We respectfully ask you to familiarize yourself with the NYSED proposals and share all concerns and questions to NYSED by emailing to:

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Joseph Flaherty
President, Minisink Valley Board of Education

Brian C. Monahan

Timothy Bult
Athletic Director