Return to School survey shows majority of families plan to send their children back four in-person days 

Almost 2,400 parents/guardians responded to Minisink Valley’s recent Return to School Survey, sharing their intentions about their plans to return their children to four, in-person instruction days or to maintain a fully remote instructional plan.

Their responses are being used as district officials and the district’s Reopening Committee continue the work of finalizing a plan.

“We have always believed the best place for students to learn is in-person, in our classroom setting, in the safest possible way offering the best opportunity to maximize academic achievement and success while supporting critically important social and emotional growth,” said Superintendent Brian Monahan. “To have the opportunity to do this after so many months is welcomed by our faculty, staff and, as survey results show, our families.”

The current plan remains to return all students into the classroom as soon as possible and within the next six weeks, pending the delivery and installation of the polycarbonate partitions.

“Remote Wednesday” days currently remain in place.

With expected higher numbers of students planning to return four days, the district’s equal obligation continues to be in compliance with strict and continuously evolving CDC, New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and Orange County Department of Health (OCDOH) mandates, guidelines and directives. “Additionally, all Orange County districts continue to await hopeful new NYSDOH guidelines.

Note the 2,400 responses represent approximately 71 percent of the district’s total population of approximately 3,400 students.

From the almost 2,400 responses  82.8 percent of respondents said they plan to send their children back to school for the four, in-person days a week, while  17.2 percent said they would remain fully remote.

Survey results pie chart

This is up from the 70.7 percent who indicated their children were currently hybrid students; with 29.3 percent identifying as current fully remote students.

survey results pie chart


Survey results indicated  that upon the launch of a four day, in-person week, 78.5 percent said they would send their children to school on a school bus, understanding their masked child/children may be sitting with other masked non-family students.

survey results pie chart

This is up from the 56.4 percent of families who currently send their children to school via the district’s school buses.

survey results bar graph

Food service

From those who responded, 60.6 percent said they will have their children eat breakfast/lunch via the district’s Food Service program.

survey results pie chart

This is an increase from the 57.1 percent who said their children currently eat breakfast/lunch through the district’s Food Service program.

survey results pie chart

Committee work continues

The district’s Reopening Committee is continuing to focus on all aspects of the return to school process, including buildings/grounds, transportation, food service and more.

“Thank you to everyone who took the time to let us know what they think,” added Mr. Monahan. “We also appreciate hearing all the supportive and frank comments, too. Along with our faculty and staff, our parents/guardians and community are our most valued partners to work with all of us within the district to make this happen. Our first priority remains with the health, safety and security of our students and staff in tandem with academic success and achievement. I will continue to keep you informed of our plans as we move forward.”