Seal of biliteracy to be awarded to 20 Minisink Valley seniors

group of students Soy bilingüe!

Wǒ shì shuāng wénhuà de!

I am bi-literate!

Congratulations to the 20 Minisink Valley seniors who will be awarded the Seal of Biliteracy at graduation!

This recognition seal,  which will be affixed to their diplomas, means New York State recognizes them as bi-literate. Students had to demonstrate proficiency in their native languages and the target language.  This year, recognitions in  English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese were awarded.  Students presented to teams of biliteracy teachers earlier this month after they had met the academic requirements.

Students are:

Darian Abraham, Spanish/English

Emily Abruzzese, Spanish/English

Jocelyn Ramos Benigno, English/Spanish

Jaelene Cherisien, Spanish/English

Danielle Hernandez, Spanish/English

Meaghan Doyle, Spanish/English

Gabriella Esposito, Spanish/English

Kuncheng Feng, English/Mandarin Chinese

Alana Gartenberg, Spanish/English

Jacelyn Gonzalez Coatl, English/Spanish

Cara Granata, Spanish/English

Jessica Mattera, Spanish/English

Jack McDaid, Spanish/English

Trisha Melton, Spanish/English

Jhovanny Olivares, Spanish/English

Kathryn Scialabba, Spanish/English

Yessica Silva Garcia, English/Spanish

Evan Stouber, Spanish/English

Caitlin Washington, Spanish/English

Xie Haolong English/Mandarin Chinese