Seussical themes make for fun and engaging learning

two student dressed as Seuss's "thing 1" and "thing 2"Following a week-long of readings and engaging activities, kindergarten students in Mrs. Harrison’s class celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 1, with fitting fanfare.

In preparation, Mrs. Harrison read group of students sitting on classroom rug sport paper-made "Cat in the Hat" hatssuch favorites as “The Cat in the Hat,” and students pulled some tricks of their own to make hats as tall as the cat’s. The Seussical rhyming style provided a good and fun opportunity to develop the students’ vocabulary by looking at word families.

“One fish two fish, red fish, blue fish” inspired graph-learning and practice with the use of rainbow-colored goldfish snacks.

student at this desk playing with multi-color fish-shaped snacks; three baskets of crayons are in the foreground.

There is no Seussical birthday without “Green Eggs and Ham,” of course, and the book’s reading prompted students to write about foods they like and dislike in their class journals.