Teachers’ professional learning community work helps ENL and ELL student success

Group of teachers working togetherA group of K-5 teachers from Minisink Valley elementary and intermediate schools, who recently formed a professional learning community (PLC) to address issues, share resources and examine best practices pertinent to the district’s English as a New Language (ENL) and English Language Learners (ELL) classrooms, have deemed their work a success.

The teachers worked collaboratively to review learning standards and finalize additional strategies to further meet the needs of ENL/ELL students.

“As a veteran teacher, the ENL/ELL PLC has reignited my interest in the classroom,” said third-grade teacher Gary Passamonte. “There are many advantages to discovering new teaching strategies with my colleagues.”

The quarterly meetings – which will conclude in June with more opportunities planned for the next school year — are organized through the district’s Office of Professional Learning (OPL), which provides quality professional learning opportunities and support to all members of the Minisink Valley learning community as they help students reach their academic and personal potential.

Team members said the collaborative work has tremendous benefits which help them further address student achievement.

“It is refreshing, as a teacher, to learn new strategies to accommodate and reach all learners,” said third-grade teacher Shari Cannone.

Second-grade teacher Elizabeth Padavano added: “Working with my colleagues to develop strategies to encourage and build language development has been valuable.”