Theater company brings world’s most famous detective to Otisville’s stage

Actor dressed as Sherlock Holmes and student volunteer dressed as Watson look for clues with large magnifying glasses on stageThe world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes himself, came to the Otisville Elementary School to take on a mysterious case with the help of students, including our own Dr. Watson!

Audience of students sitting on cafeteria floor watching a stage productionThree pages from the 300-year-old childhood diary of Queen Elizabeth I have gone missing. What might those pages reveal and who might benefit from the information? Using his legendary powers of deduction, the great detective solved the case right before the students’ eyes. And since there is no pausing or rewinding in theater, the audience was captivated. Two actors on stage playing a Sherlock Holmes mystery

“And to what do you owe your success, Inspector?” Dr. Watson asked. “We owe it to our education, of course. Elementary, elementary!” Mr. Holmes replied. 

During a Q&A period following the 45-minute show, students had questions of their own about the play and the secrets behind a production with two actors playing many roles.

Students on stage hold signs with scrambled words that are to form a phrase (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Actor dressed as Sherlock Holmes calls on the audience to guess at the porper order of the words.The show was presented by the Traveling Lantern Theater Company, dedicated to bringing great stories to children in pre-K through eighth grade. Using an interactive style, children are invited to come on stage and get involved in the story. The company’s repertoire presents on important ethical ideas at a level children can relate to.

Many thanks to Otisville’s PTO for providing this exciting experience to our students.