Updates from the middle school administration on the school closure

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Dear Minisink Valley Middle School families,

We hope you and your families are healthy and doing well.  We are appreciative of all the support we have received from the community including our essential workers, students, parents and teachers.  We miss our students and their families and are disappointed we will not see them in the building again this year.

We know the recent announcement regarding the closing of school through the rest of the year poses many questions:  How will I get my PE clothes?  When can I clean out my locker?  Are there final exams?  While we have answers to some of these questions, we will need to wait for more guidance to answer others.  Please continue to monitor the school website for information and reach out to administration with questions.

In addition to our students taking the appropriate steps to continue to stay physically, mentally and emotionally safe at this time,  the most important thing they can do is to complete their school work to the best of their ability. Our teachers have expressed that many of our students are working very hard on the instruction they have provided.

However, some do need to complete more of their work.  Please monitor your child’s work as best you can and remember, reaching out to their teachers and/or counselors through email is the best way to communicate with them.

As a reminder, Marking Period 4 is being graded as pass/fail, which means students will not receive a numerical grade on their report card for Quarter 4.  Quarter 4 grades will be evaluated based on the completion and quality of work.  Again, we are stressing the importance that students complete all of their work to the best of their ability.  This will help to best prepare students academically for the remainder of the year and for the years to come.

If your child is finding work overwhelming or if there are situations which are making it difficult for them, please reach out to their teachers and counselors for help.  We are here to assist you as best we can.

If you are experiencing other challenges or difficulties, please reach out to our counselors and/or principals.  We are here to help you every step of the way.

As you may know,  May 4 to 8 is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  We are extremely proud of the Minisink Valley teachers who have been doing a wonderful job.  Feel free to let them know you appreciate their efforts.  As well, we thank our parents/caregivers, too, because  “it takes a village to educate a child.”  We also appreciate the work and support you have provided in your new role.

Please review the items below for information on frequently asked questions, or questions you may have.  We will continue to communicate updates as they become available:

Yearbook: The MVMS yearbook will be available to purchase ONLINE ONLY up until June 15. There will be  no in-person purchase option when the books are distributed. To:  If you have any questions, please email akingly@minisink.com.  Announcements for yearbook pick-up will be communicated when we have more information in June.

Locker clean out/textbook return:  We are currently working on a plan.   Announcements will be made once this has been finalized.

Athletics: There will be no interscholastic sports for the remainder of the year.  More guidance from New York State needs to be made available regarding athletics for the Fall  2020. Announcements will be communicated when we have more information.

September 2020: We are awaiting guidance from New York State regarding the reopening of school. Announcements will be communicated when we have more information.

Drama/chorus/band trips:   We are actively working on reimbursements for those who paid in advance  for these trips. The timing of reimbursement to families will be dependent on when we are refunded by the companies/organizations that were prepaid.

Honor Roll:  We will be honoring those students who made the honor roll for Quarter 3.  We appreciate your patience as this will take longer than usual.  It is important to recognize students’ effort and hard work!

Finals/Regents/LOTE exams:  There will be no final exams and/or Regents Exams in June.  Furthermore, Regents exams for August have been canceled.

The State Education Department (SED) announced the cancellation of the June administration of Regents exams and released guidance on modifications to requirements for students to graduate and earn their high school diplomas, credentials and endorsements.

These modifications apply to currently enrolled MVCSD students in grades 8-12 during the 2019-20 school year who were planning on taking one or more of the June  Regents/LOTE Examinations.

The following links offer information on changes in graduation requirements and other modifications from the NYS Education Department:

Pathways to Graduation Information 

State Education Department issues guidance on graduation and course requirement changes due to COVID-19 and ongoing statewide school closure

NYSED FAQs regarding Regents examinations and graduation related to COVID-19

Technology support:  The district’s website contains information to assist students and parents with technology support on a page called “Technology Support during the extended school closure.” If you do not have internet access or an electronic device, please contact your building’s principal by email or telephone.

Mental health information: These uncertain times can elicit many different and sometimes difficult emotions and responses for our children.  For anyone who feels they can benefit from mental health assistance during this time please click on the following link:  Mental health information

Please tell your children we miss them!  We miss you too.  We hope to see everyone soon and appreciate the tremendous amount of support, understanding, and compassion that you have demonstrated to us, and each other, during this unprecedented time.

Continued well wishes from the Minisink Valley Middle School.


Michael Larsen

Stephen Caldwell
Assistant Prinicipal

Thomas Rickard
Assistant Principal