Varsity swim team stays prepared for sports practice start date with virtual practices

virtual swim practiceAlthough the Orange County Interscholastic Athletic Association (OCIAA) has extended the pause on athletics and postpone the sports practice start date for low to moderate risk sports until Jan. 19, Minisink Valley’s varsity swim team is making sure it’s more than ready through virtual practices.

Coach Brian Golden and Coach Gillian Sutera are leading the team in virtual practices twice weekly, overseeing swimmers as they go through strenuous exercises.

“Nobody is doing what we’re doing, boys,” he told swimmers as they completed jogging, planks, push-ups and shadow swimming drills, among other demanding exercises.

virtual swim practiceBecause the district is following an all-remote academic instruction schedule, students are not allowed in the buildings. So, the swimmers found innovative ways of replacing weights in their workouts, using gallon milk jugs, cans of refried beans and large library books in addition to other items.

They worked in their basements, bedrooms and outdoors, some having their dogs watching from the sidelines.

“This is really good work,” Coach Golden told them, reminding them that they should be sore later.  “We need to be more than average.”

As part of practice, Coach Golden asked swimmers to take a few moments to reflect and share on something good that happened to them that day, as part of the team’s mindfulness work.

“I got a 90 on my College Algebra quiz,” said one.

“I woke up on time for class,” said another.

Since all students are working remotely, households have siblings home together.

“My brother didn’t annoy me this morning,” one swimmer added, “which is pretty good.”