Central Office/District Adminstration

District Administration

Brian C. Monahan, Superintendent of Schools:  845-355-5115;  bmonahan@minisink.com 
Christian Ranaudo, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction: 845-355-5111; cranaudo@minisink.com
Patrick Witherow, Assistant Superintendent for Business: 845-355-5120; pwitherow@minisink.com
Michael Giardina, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources: 845-355-5810; mgiardina@minisink.com
Ruth Zuclich, Interim Director of Pupil Personnel Services: 845-355-5105; rzuclich@minisink.com
Dave Roda, Director of Facilities: 845-355-5229; droda@minisink.com
Timothy Bult, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics: 845-355-5172; tbult@minisink.com
Dwyane Powers, Director of Transportation: 845-355-5140; dpowers@minisink.com

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Frost, Confidential Secretary: 845-355-5111; lfrost@minisink.com

District Clerk

Deborah L. Roda, District Clerk: 845-355-5115; dlroda@minisink.com


Nancy Kriz, Director of Communications: 845-355-5836; nkriz@minisink.com