Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)/MV3

The Minisink Valley Middle School   Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) Program (PBIS)  also known as MV3 was launched in Spring  2012 to help provide students with a multi-tiered system to help promote and acknowledge positive and desired behaviors.

The school’s  PBIS team strives to maintain and increase positive behavior throughout the student body, create a school wide climate of cooperation and help students reach their full potential.  These goals are accomplished through efforts such as systematic rewards, modeled behavior, school décor and organized programs.

MV3 Universal Expectation Posters

The school’s MV3 posters, designed by art teacher Kaylin Morran, are posted throughout the building and outline our expectations for middle school students in each area of the school.

Bus poster

\cafeteria poster





classroom poster

hallway poster

recess poster







CLASSROOM VIDEO (Students Misbehave)

CLASSROOM VIDEO (Teachers Misbehave)



PBIS programs are:

Get Up and Go Program

Many students deal with issues that create anxiety about
coming to school. This program serves as a Tier 2 Support
for students who are having difficulties with attendance,
whether it be absenteeism or lateness. Students meet as a
group, establish goals, and celebrate their successes. If you
are interested in learning more about this program, please
contact Mrs. Semco in the counseling center.

MV3 Rewards

The MV3 PBIS program is designed to acknowledge
students for positive behavior by “catching” them being
good. Students who are noticed participating in acts which
reflect our universal expectations (Respect Self, Respect
Others, and Respect Property) receive the following
recognition: 1) An MV3 slip is handed to the student to go
home to their family, 2) Students receive a “smiley” eraser
cap as a reward and reminder of their good deed,
3) Students’ names are displayed on a bulletin board,
4) Students’ names are read over the loud speaker, and
5) One student per grade level wins a grand prize at the end
of each month by having his/her name randomly picked (the
student must have received an MV3 award for that month).

Safe Haven Zone
The MV3 Smiley face is located in various locations
throughout the building. Any classroom which has a
wooden smiley face logo displayed outside the room is
designated as a “Safe Haven” for any student in need of
assistance for ANY reason. Students are instructed to walk
into any of these classrooms and speak with the teacher.
The teacher will then notify the appropriate support
personnel (counselor, administrator, nurse, etc.) to help
assist with the student’s specific needs. The primary goal is
to get the student to immediate safety.

Attendance Awards
Good attendance is critical to student success, academic
achievement, and well-being. It is no surprise that there is a
direct relationship between student attendance and their
performance. While good attendance is an expectation, the
Minisink Valley Middle School also feels it important to
acknowledge those students who demonstrate exemplary
attendance during the course of the year. The following
attendance certificates will be awarded to students during
each quarter. Also, any student who receives this award will
automatically be included in a raffle at the end of each
quarter in which they can win an ITunes Gift Card or School
Store Gift Certificate, both sponsored by the Middle School
Student Government.

GOLD CERTIFICATE FOR PERFECT ATTENDANCE– Students who have perfect attendance
during the quarter will receive this certificate. It acknowledges that they have not been absent, late,
or left early for the entire marking period.

SILVER CERTIFICATE FOR OUTSTANDING ATTENDANCE– Students who have been absent, late, or left early one time during the quarter will receive this certificate. In order to qualify, they can only be late, absent, or leave early one time during the quarter. If students are late one day and absent another day (or left early) during the marking period, they will not qualify for this award.

MV3 Good Deed Citations
The MV3 P.B.I.S. program is designed to acknowledge
students for positive behavior by “catching” them being
good. This award is specifically tailored for our school
support staff that may see students in other settings such
as the hallway, at lunch/recess, nurse/main office,
classrooms, etc. Students who are noticed participating in
acts which align with our universal expectations (Respect
Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect Property) may
receive the following recognition by receiving a “good deed”
citation: 1) A card is handed to the student to go home to
their family and 2) Students receive a “ticket” which can be
redeemed in the cafeteria for a prize