Board of Education honors Minisink Valley’s 29 retirees

group of peopleCongratulations to the 29 Minisink Valley faculty and staff who will now officially become retirees of the school district by the end of the school year. Collectively, they have given 715 YEARS OF SERVICE to students and this community! They were honored by the Board of Education during its June 6 meeting and our gratitude goes beyond words.

Best wishes to Diane Anzalone, Susan Bordonaro, Michele Boyce, Betsy Corletta, Wendy Ellert, Susan Farley, Shirleen Farmen, PattiAnn Harp, Lucy Hildenbrand, John Holmberg, Carolyn Hranitz, Deirdre Keppler, Jean Knoepfel, Mary Lia, Paul Maine, Roberta Manchester, Sindee Mathis, Sharon McConnell, Kathryn O’Connor, Barbara O’Dell, Kim Ricciardi, Iris Stiles, Cindy Toussaint, Kathleen Uhrig, Beverly Walker, Grace White, Jeanette Wing, William Wing and Barbara Young!

We wish you many healthy and happy years as you move on to your next journey in life!