College Board announces SAT exams will become fully digital, two hour exams beginning Spring 2024

college board AP logoAttention Minisink Valley High School families:

The College Board  will introduce a shorter, fully digital SAT college admissions test beginning in Spring 2024.

As part of its Jan. 24 announcement, the College Board said the three hour exam will now be two hours.

According to the College Board, the digital test will feature shorter reading passages with one question tied to each, and passages will reflect a wider range of topics that represent the works students read in college.


  •   Calculators will be allowed on the entire math section.
  •   Students and educators will get scores back in days, instead of weeks.
  •   To reflect the range of paths that students take after high school, digital SAT Suite score reports will also connect students to information and resources about local two-year college, workforce training programs, and career options.

Students will be able to use their own device (laptop or tablet) or a school-issued device. If students don’t have a device to use, the College Board will provide one for use on test day. If a student loses connectivity or power, the digital SAT has been designed to ensure they won’t lose their work or time while they reconnect.

Officials said the changes will also make the SAT more secure. With the current paper and pencil SAT, if one test form is compromised it can mean canceling administrations or canceling scores for a whole group of students. Going digital allows every student to receive a unique test form, so it will be practically impossible to share answers.

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