District officials thank Middletown City School District colleagues for pole-vaulting equipment donation with special medallion

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Minisink Valley district officials visited their Middletown City School District colleagues on July 8 to present the Middletown district with a specially created district logo medallion to thank them for their recent donation of pole-vaulting equipment to the Athletic Department.

Pole vaulting is a track and field event where an athlete uses a long and flexible pole, usually made from fiberglass or carbon fiber, as an aid to jump over a bar.

student pole vaultingThe equipment, donated to Minisink Valley this past spring, allowed the district to begin offering this track and field specialty to interested students. In addition to this donation, Minisink Valley purchased weight-specific poles for students to use, ensuring all necessary equipment was in place to begin training for this new event.

During the spring sports season, interested students trained on the new equipment and competed during the spring season.

two people with sign“We’ve been hopeful to add pole-vaulting to our varsity outdoor track and field program for many years,” said Athletic Director Tim Bult. “This equipment is in great shape, and gives our students the opportunity to learn this specialty. We’re thrilled that it provides a new way for our student-athletes to represent Minisink Valley with distinction on the field.  Thank you to our colleagues at Middletown for giving us this wonderful opportunity.”

Superintendent Brian Monahan was equally grateful.

two people with sign“Orange County school district officials have a genuine camaraderie with their counterparts and are committed to working together to create the best possible opportunities for all students,” said Mr. Monahan. “That extends beyond critically important academic programs and services.  We’re grateful to Middletown Superintendent Amy Creeden and Athletic Director David Coates for thinking of us and donating this equipment to our Athletic Department. Our districts student signing signborder each other, so our relationship is even more special.”

The large, wooden logo, featuring the Middletown Middies’ “M,”  was designed and created to perfectly match Middletown’s logo and official district color by student Austin Gurda and technology teacher Christopher Tuthill.  Both signed and dated their names on the reverse of the medallion during its presentation.

teacher signing sign“We hope this medallion serves as a reminder of the special bond and partnership the  Minisink Valley and Middletown have,” Mr. Monahan added. “And, I believe this is even more special because this beautiful piece was created by a student and technology teacher.”

Middletown Superintendent Amy Creeden agreed, adding: “We tell our students we are ‘better together.’ The same holds true for our two districts. Together, we are better.”

In addition to Ms. Creedan, Middletown school officials who attended the presentation ceremony were Athletic Director David Coates and Board of Education President Rose Tobiassen.  In addition to  Mr. Monahan, representing Minisink Valley were:  Board Vice President William Cooper; board members Patricia Reynolds and Anthony Monaco; Athletic Director
Tim Bult; High School Principal Ken Hauck; student Austin Gurda and technology teacher Christopher Tuthill.

Middletown officials will shortly determine where the “Middies”  medallion will be installed.

To see more photos, visit the district’s Facebook page.