District submits 2020-21 School Reopening Plan to State Education Department (SED)

The Minisink Valley School District submitted its 2020-21 School Reopening Plan to the State Education Department today, July 31.

The Minisink Valley 2020-21 School Reopening Plan

“This plan is our road map,” said Superintendent Brian Monahan. “Like any road map, this is our strategy to provide a healthy and safe learning environment for our students and staff to maximize each student’s academic success. We know not everyone will be happy, and some will be disappointed. But, we will be fine.  We have a so many creative minds representing our staff and community who are committed to making this plan be successful.”

The district’s plan will follow this hybrid model framework:

  • K-1 students would attend school in-person each day in smaller class sizes, adhering to all social distancing mandates and requirements.
  • Students entering grades 2-12 would attend on an alternate day cycle, in smaller class sizes, and participate in distance learning on the days they do not physically attend school.  Both groups participate in daily interactions with their teachers.
  • An optional all-remote model will be offered for interested families.
  • Students and staff will be grouped and remain in the same room as much as possible.

The plan also includes information on:

  • Daily “live” in-person or remote teacher/student interaction
  • Grading practices
  • Daily student/staff health screenings
  • Face covering and social distancing requirements
  • Organization of student cohorts
  • Transportation capacity issues
  • Enhanced hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting requirements
  • Enhanced social-emotional support information
  • Department of Health testing, monitoring and containment protocols
  • Athletics and extracurricular activities information
  • And more

“How our instructional plan continues throughout the school year depends on changing conditions,” said Mr. Monahan. “The ultimate authority on how and when schools open this fall rests with Governor Cuomo, in tandem with the metrics he shared with us on how he will make that determination.  We expect to hear more sometime next week.”

The district’s next steps are to address the extremely voluminous work of school schedule formation, synchronous and asynchronous instruction, substantive remote curriculum development, teacher/student interactions, extracurricular activities, athletics and much more, following the instructional framework we are confident will work best for our Minisink Valley school community.

This work will take place in August, and like all of the district’s planning, will be fluid and flexible.  Prior to the start of the school year, the district will provide detailed information for students and parents that will best prepare everyone for the opening of our schools.

“Thank you to our Minisink community for the ongoing gracious and supportive trust you give us in the education of your children,” added Mr. Monahan. “We will be relying on you, more than ever, to help us as we continue to navigate this upcoming, imperfect school year. We will always stay optimistic, but also being realistic and never pessimistic.”

Mr Monahan equally  stressed: “We will get through this.  We will make this work. We will be successful because of the outstanding partnership this school district has with Minisink Valley community.”

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