Eighth-grade instrumentalists debut their ‘Flat for Education’ online music compositions

music in our schools photoEighth-grade instrumentalists recently debuted their “Flat for Education” online music compositions, part of an innovative way Minisink Valley’s music faculty continue to focus on music education, particularly during virtual learning.

Minisink Valley’s Music Department was fortunate enough to obtain student subscriptions to “Music First,”  a K-12 music learning management software with engaging content and software to help educators monitor student progress, make lesson plans, and create assignments, for this school year.

music in our schools monthAdditionally, within the “Music First” platform, the middle school also has a subscription to “Flat for Education,”  a music composing software which functions completely online. This allows students to work in real-time on the same sheet music, whether they are in the classroom or working from home.


music in our schools monthFor the winter months, eighth-grade band students learned how to compose and arrange music.

“The unit started with three, mini-composing assignments to get students talking and thinking more theoretically in regards to music,” said Laura Hulle, eighth-grade music teacher. “The mini-assignments included creating a duet part to the Jingle Bell Rock’  melody, creating a melody within the rhythmic parameters, and writing a rhythmic pattern to then improvise pitches over top.  Finally, the students were let loose to have total creative control on the last assignment, the Music in Our Schools Month compositions.”

music in our schools month photosMrs. Hulle noted the Music in Our School Month (MIOSM ) compositions took four weeks of drafting, editing, detailing, practicing, reflecting and performing. Included with each performance is a short podcast recording from each student composer telling a little bit about their inspiration and creative process.

“We hope you enjoy this wonderful celebration of music in our schools,” added Mrs. Hulle, “in which we get to showcase our talented eighth-grade instrumentalists.”