Elementary School’s ‘Soy Yo’ project is another example of district’s commitment to diversity awareness

Soy Yo artwork

Earlier this fall,  Minisink Valley  Elementary School kicked off a fun project to celebrate the school’s diversity. The project centered around a song called “Soy Yo,” (It’s Me) by Bomba Estéreo, which was presented in music class to study expressive movement and form.

The project is another creative example of the commitment of Minisink Valley faculty and staff to regularly engage in diversity awareness initiatives for students and staff.

Most of the students were already familiar with the song as the “Grub Hub Song” from the the commercial. But it’s much more than just a jingle; “Soy Yo” is a powerful song for kids and adults alike. Being “who you are and not caring what anyone else thinks” reaffirms there’s power in self-love and acceptance.

All ES K-2 students took the time to talk about what makes them special and how they should value each other’s uniqueness. Students had an opportunity to learn a little bit of Spanish as they perfected the expressive movements that go along with the song!

Proudly presenting: “Soy Yo!”

“Soy You” lyrics translation