Flag Day activities reinforce the importance of district’s commitment to civics education

veterans and studentsCivics education is an important component to Minisink Valley’s academic program.

As a recent example, veterans representing American Legion George Smith Post 1607 in Unionville met with Ashley Beairsto, Jaclyn Lockett, and Lynn Villa’s sixth-grade social studies classes to discuss Flag Day and to explain how to properly dispose of worn or tattered American flags.

Ms. Beairsto and Deb Orrio’s classes have been collecting worn and tattered flags that students and faculty members brought in from home that could no longer be flown.  Becky Olah, a former middle school aide and Ladies Auxiliary member, gave a brief overview students and veterans with flagson how Flag Day began and explained important information about past and present U.S. flags.

The veterans showed students a U.S. flag with 48 stars on it, and they learned that flag was from before the time that Hawaii and Alaska were admitted to the union as states. Students were reminded that each star on the flag represents a state.

students and veterans with flagPost 1607 veterans inspected all of the flags that were brought in to be respectfully disposed of and explained the process to the students. Veterans also taught students also learned how to properly fold an American flag.