Four high school student artists to participate in 2024 New York State Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Art & Essay Exhibition

Congratulations to the four High School art students whose artwork was selected for participation in the 2024 New York State Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Art & Essay Exhibition!

The work of Mia Abruzzese, Lexie Giakoumis, Mikia Nash and Olivia Wieboldt, students in Jenna McElroy’s “Drawing & Painting” classes, were selected. They are among the hundreds of pieces submitted.

“I believe that art exhibits are extremely important for students and art programs,” said Mrs. McElroy “For this exhibit students had to take their knowledge and understanding of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and think critically to create a work of art centered on his six  principles of nonviolence, all while demonstrating skill in their chosen medium.  Exhibits, such as this one, are cross-curricular, relevant and encourage creative thought and problem solving; skills that are necessary in our everyday lives.”

Each year, the New York State Education Department honors Dr.King’s memory by inviting schools to submit original student artworks and essays that reflect Dr. King’s Six Principles and Steps of Nonviolence:

  • To understand that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day commemorates the birthday of Dr. King and reminds all Americans of his dreams and goals for this nation
  • To have the opportunity to take part in the celebration of Dr. King’s birthday
  • To reflect on ways to celebrate Dr. King’s birthday and legacy in everyday life
  • To have the opportunity to learn about the social, political and economic factors that contributed to the civil rights movement
  • To learn about the philosophy of nonviolence as practiced by Dr. King and to understand its relevance for today’s society
  • To appreciate and respect the contributions and rights of others without regard to the similarities or differences they may present

The exhibit is available for viewing through Feb. 29.  To view, visit: 2024 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Art & Essay Exhibition