High school/O-U BOCES Health Careers Academy students are part of ‘Orange Cares’ campaign to thank COVID-19 frontline workers

four people holding letters

High school students Isabella Uhrig and Jessica Roosa – both O-U BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) students — recently joined O-U  BOCES Chief Operating Officer William Hecht and Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus to collect “Orange Cares” letters from CTE students in the Health Careers Academy at the Regional Education Center at Arden Hill.

Mr. Neuhaus launched the initiative to give thanks and pay tribute to frontline workers who continue their dedicated COVID-19 work.

“I want to thank the students at BOCES and throughout the county, as well as the kind residents, who took the time to write letters of support,” said Mr. Neuhaus. “It is a testament to how committed our residents are to the men and women on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic and to those in our community who are ill during the holidays.”

As part of “Orange Cares,” residents were asked to write letters of appreciation to Orange County’s doctors, nurses, first responders, medical administrative staffs and those in nursing homes or hospitals during this holiday season.

BOCES Health Careers Academy students wrote 72 letters to professionals in the fields they are studying, such as nurses and pharmacy technicians.  Isabella and Jessica attend the Health Careers  Academy.

“It is an honor and privilege to participate in this great initiative, to thank our frontline workers for all they have done throughout the pandemic,” Mr. Hecht said.