Guidance/Counseling Services

Minisink Valley’s Guidance/ Counseling Services help students plan their education and future, as well as help them navigate the day-to-day challenges of high school.

All high school students are assigned to a guidance counselor at the beginning of ninth-grade. They work to ease the transition middle school to high school.

As high school graduation nears, students and parents have many questions and concerns. It is extremely important for students and parents to work with their counselor.

Students may stop by the Guidance Office  any time to make an appointment to see their counselor.


Last name: A-Def 
Bryana Sewell, 845-355-5163

Last name: Deg-Hit
Matt Caputo, 845-355-5164

Last name: Hiu-Mon 
Amy Colella, 845-355-5166

Last name: Moo-Roo
Christina Bruder, 845-355-5169

Last name: Rop-Z
Loretta Bogdanski, 845-355-5162

Support resources

Psychologist: Meghann Davis, 845-355-5177

Psychologist: Marie Demchak, 845-355-5847

Student Assistant Counselor:  Erin Bradley,  845-355-5167

Social Worker: Desiree Gibbs, 845-355-5165


Janet Antona, 845-355-5161

Bindiya Patel, 845- 355-5137

Guidance office fax: 845-355-5154

Naviance information


Throughout the school year numerous scholarships become available for our students. There are many kinds of scholarships. Some are local, others are regional or national. Each scholarship has its own specific criteria and procedure for applying. Scholarship information can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Patel in the Counseling Center.

All scholarships are posted in Naviance. Due dates are firm and must be adhered to.  If the scholarship must be sent by the school, the due date may be prior to the date actually listed by the provider. (See Mrs. Patel with any questions)

March through May are the primary months for scholarship applications and as many as ten scholarships can be posted per week. It is suggested that the students have their scholarship letters of recommendation, resumes and essays completed prior to March 1.

Please see Mrs. Patel if you receive a scholarship through an outside organization and wish to have it included in the awards ceremony.  School administration will make final decision on inclusion of outside scholarships in school ceremonies.  Scholarships included as college financial aid packages are generally not announced.

Scholarship resources