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Regents Week Examination Schedule – January 2020

Regents Week Bus Schedule – January 2020

Testing Information for Parents – January 2020

Electronics Prohibition Letter – January 2020

Please be aware of the policy concerning the use of communication devices during testing, enacted by the New York State Education Department in July of 2012.

The policy is as follows: 

All students are prohibited from bringing cell phones and certain other electronic devices, as defined in the script below, into a classroom or other location where a State or Local exam is being administered. Test proctors, test monitors, and school officials shall retain the right to confiscate and hold any prohibited electronic devices at any time during the test administration. Admission to the test shall be denied to any student who is in possession of a cell phone or other prohibited electronic device and refuses to relinquish it.

The Minisink Valley Central School District recommends that students leave electronic devices in cars or at home.  If students bring any electronic devices into the building, they must be left outside the testing room, at your own risk. The Minisink Valley Central School District will not supervise nor take responsibility for items lost or stolen which were brought into the testing site.

“You cannot have any communications device, including a cell phone, with you during this exam or during any breaks (such as a restroom visit). Such devices include, but are not limited to:

  • Cell phones
  • iPods and MP3 players
  • iPads, tablets, and other eReaders
  • Personal laptops, notebooks, or any other computing devices
  • Cameras or other photographic equipment
  • Wearable devices/smart wearables, including smart watches and health wearables with a display
  • Headphones, headsets, or in-ear headphones such as earbuds, and
  • Any other device capable of recording audio, photographic or video content, or capable of viewing or playing back such content

You may not keep your cell phone or any of these items with you, or near you, including in your pockets, backpack, desk, etc. If you keep a cell phone or any of these items with you, your exam will be invalidated and you will get no score.”