Important reminders to elementary parents/guardians about the four days of in-person instruction

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Attention Elementary parents and guardians:

As we continue with our second week of having more students back into our classrooms on a four day schedule, we wanted to thank you again for your continued support, patience and grace as we focused our efforts on making last week so successful.

Our faculty and staff  are thrilled to have your children back in this very important learning environment. As your children will certainly tell you, it’s great to hear the voices of so many students in our buildings!

For purposes of clarity, we wanted to share some important reminders:

  • Parents/guardians who have chosen in-person instruction need to send their children every day, unless there are pre-approved circumstances. Parents/guardians cannot unilaterally decide to change their child’s attendance to remote attendance on any given day.
  • In-person students will require prior approval to join in remotely for a lesson; i.e.: they have been placed on school-mandated quarantine.
  • If your child is sick, or if you determine your child isn’t well enough to attend school, your child will need to take a sick day and will not connect remotely. Your child’s teacher will ensure the work is made up, as is the standard practice for sick day usage.

Now that the district offers four days of in-person instruction, please know teachers are preparing that instruction based upon the preferences communicated by you and other parents/guardians.  Preparing materials and instruction for remote students is very different than preparing for those in-person.

We appreciate your attention to this information, and again stress that communication remains critically important. Please reach out to your child’s principal with any questions you may have.

Thank you.