Inaugural ‘Minisink IDEAS’ multi-cultural, diversity club to meet March 25

Minisink ideas signThe inaugural meeting of the new “Minisink IDEAS”high school multi-cultural, diversity club will take place on Monday, March 25 at 2:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.

The club is a place where students will discuss identity and culture, awareness and empathy.

“Students will engage in a variety of activities and discussions in which they will celebrate their individual differences and what unites them as human beings,” said Jennifer DiLeo, one of the club’s advisers.

Mimi Abate, Leiny Valet, and Mrs. DiLeo, high school teachers and club advisers, have been collaborating and planning with Niaomi MoShier and Blanca Ayala,co-founders of the club.

“Together, we have crafted a vision, a club, a community — Minisink IDEAS — a place where all students can come together, educate each other, and learn about themselves and the world,” Mrs. DiLeo added.

Everyone from the high school is welcome to join!

Click on the Google link to watch the video created by Mrs. DiLeo to introduce the club to the high school community. (And, thank you to everyone who participated in the video!)