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Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 10:35am Age: 1 year
Category: High School


“How are squirrels and gorillas alike?” To find the answer to this and other questions, students in Mrs. Russell’s living environment class recently traveled to the Urban Ecology lab at the Bronx Zoo. 

In this program, students learn about the zoo’s native squirrel populations by applying the same methods used by scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society in the study of gorillas.

The students’ research involved taking a census of the grey squirrel in the zoo’s habitats; comparing its nesting habits to those of a gorilla; reviewing the differences between deciduous and coniferous trees; and using measurement tools provided by the zoo to collect relevant data. Back in class, students will continue to use the scientific process to analyze the data and conclude their research.

The trip to the Bronx Zoo concluded with a private tour of the baby snow leopard and polar bear habitats.

“The students were fully engaged in the fact-finding process, and enthralled by the animals,” Mrs. Russell said. “Now we are discussing our research and relating it to conservation ecology.”