Invitation to listen: The 2021 Middle School Choral Spring Performance

Welcome to the 2021 Middle School Choral Spring Performance!

sixth-grade artworkThe Sixth-Grade Chorus will perform “Un Poco Loco,” an upbeat tune featured in the Pixar movie “Coco.”

Un Poco Loco





seventh grade artworkThe Seventh-Grade Chorus will perform “Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride,” from the movie “Lilo and Stitch.” This recording also features the Ukulele Club, along with some instrumental soloists.

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride




eighth-grade artworkThe Eighth-Grade Chorus, as per tradition every Spring, has prepared a medley: “Songs of a Disney Villain.”

Songs of a Disney Villain




Thank you to sixth-grader Isabella Agboola, seventh-grader Hana Ebbert and eighth-grader Madeline Scheuermann for their amazing artwork to support this beautiful music!