Jan. 11 statement regarding the High School

For your information art

Dear Minisink Valley parents/guardians:

In the interest of transparency we wanted to share that we were advised of an inappropriate conversation that took place in one of the high school’s hallways which involved the use of the word “gun” earlier today, Jan.11.

Once we became aware of this conversation, we notified law enforcement while we spoke to the students involved. At the conclusion of our investigation, we, along with that of our law enforcement partners, determined there were no issues of concern.  To be clear: There was never any gun involved, or a threat to use a gun, as part of this conversation.

Please remind your student about the consequences of talking about particular subject matters in a public setting. Most importantly, those who overheard this conversation did the right thing: They heard something that they felt could be upsetting and reported it to us. That’s what we want our school community to do.

Thank you.


Brian  C. Monahan

Kenneth Hauck