Kory Dixon named Class of 2023 valedictorian; Ivy Ha is the Class of 2023 salutatorian

Kory Dixon and Ivy Ha

Congratulations to Kory Dixon, the Minisink High School Class of 2023 valedictorian; and Ivy Ha, the Class of 2023 salutatorian!

About Kory

Kory, who has a 102.33 GPA, will attend SUNY Delhi in Delhi, and will major in Mechatronics Technology (B.T.). He plans to pursue a master’s degree in Engineering Management, likely at Clarkson University. He anticipates working in a career based in engineering and technology with hands-on opportunities, specifically in automotive or agricultural sectors.

“Minisink Valley has allowed me to position myself in a great spot for my future endeavors,” he said. “The dual-enrollment classes offered at Minisink Valley have played a key role in my success and have aided me in my preparation for college academics. Minisink Valley is responsible for teaching me to be consistent, persistent, and a ‘warrior’ inside and outside of the classroom. I am truly thankful and humbled to be in the position that I am today.”

Kory offered this advice to students:

Start your assignments ahead of time.
“No, I don’t mean two weeks in advance, but rather three days,” he said. “Every assignment in high school can be completed in three days if you put your mind to it.”

Submit every assignment, whether right or wrong.
“It builds positive habits that you will need to rely on outside of high school,” he noted.

Don’t stress over school, focus on your own health first.
“If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to take a break and talk to someone about your struggles,” said Kory.

Do your best, develop an amazing work-ethic, and do not take everything so seriously.
“At the end of the day, your 72 on an Algebra II final will not define you as a person, as I have met individuals smarter than me who do not excel at school,” Kory said. “If you stick to your values, high school will be a breeze and you will not have to worry about anything.”

Be involved and try new things.
“Doing this will allow you to develop valuable skills and experiences while interacting with new people,” he added.

Kory thanked his past and present teachers for their support.

“Most notably, thank you to Mr. Tuthill for teaching me valuable life skills and being a great mentor,” said Kory. “Additionally, thank you to Mr. Greco for making science memorable and for giving everyone a good laugh whenever possible.”

About Ivy

Ivy, who has a 102.23 GPA, will attend George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and will major in Environmental and Sustainability Science. She plans to become an environmental scientist or environmental consultant.

“Minisink Valley has provided me with a community in which I can build myself,” she said. “I used to be so adamant on personal development that I let myself become consumed by this goal, keeping to myself and living in the shadow of who I could be.  The communities that I found myself belonging to at Minisink have given me a chance to step back out into the world and grow in ways I never thought possible.”

Ivy added:  “Although there are numerous clubs and organizations that hold a special place in my heart, I have to thank our nationally recognized Minisink Valley Band program for the support and comfort they have given me not just for the past four years, but for practically my entire academic life.  We don’t quite know where we’ll be going in life, but I feel better knowing that, somewhere out there, there is a mentor, a community, a friend waiting to walk through it with me.”

Ivy noted that in her academic journey, she realized that her purpose is to prove that she can be who she set out to be.

“I want to remind everyone to believe in who you are and who you want to become,” she said.  “If you find that the place you’re in and what you’re doing doesn’t feel right, then reflect on it and make adjustments as necessary.  I’ve found that reflecting on myself and my life have helped me ground my thoughts, dreams, and mentality.  It can guide you towards what you want to do next in life academically, personally, and interpersonally.”

Ivy also offered advice to students.

Avoid racing through life.
“There is little fulfillment in chasing after life,” she said. “Living life through the happy little moments that you must actively take the time to enjoy is more rewarding than it seems.  If you can live life finding joy and contentment anywhere, your hardships will pass by soon.”

Avoid “settling down” in all aspects.
“Although I can understand the notion of finding comfort and a home, going through the motions of a routine will leave you stagnant,” added Ivy. “ Do something exciting.  Explore the world.  Live life unapologetically.”