Minisink Valley Teachers Association offers more tips to keep students in a focused routine

Parents are beginning a second week of helping their children focus into getting into a routine and work on the materials provided to them by their Minisink Valley teachers to stay current with their skills.

MVTA logo of an appleHere’s a few tips from the Minisink Valley Teachers Association and Minisink Valley School Psychologist Amber Dunn that parents can do with their children to help relieve stress and keep everyone focused.

Get into a routine: 
Having a daily routine can certainly help to maintain a sense of order and calm among all the changes that are taking place right now. If students have a daily schedule, it can set a pattern for success.

Getting up and going to sleep at a regular time, eating breakfast, and getting started on assignments at a specific time can get students into the routine they need to complete all the work and take the guessing out of what to do.

During the school day, there are daily routines, including in individual classrooms. Students are already used to this. Putting students back into a routine may help them and it may also help parents because students aren’t making excuses trying to find other things to do.

Start small: 
Students might feel there’s an unending amount of school work and other assignments to be done. This can be felt both by the parents as well as the students. Remind your student to start small and tackle one assignment at a time.

Once complete, students will feel the positive momentum begin. Before they know it, the rest of the assignments will be completed and both parents and students will feel relieved. Take the first step and get started and everything else will fall into place.

Goal setting:
A goal is the object of a person’s ambition effort; an aim or desired result.  Ask your student (or even yourself):

  •      My goal for the day is?
  •     How am I going to achieve my goal?
  •     Who can help me achieve my goal?
  •     I will check my progress on  my desired goal (halfway to my goal).
  •     How am I doing? Am Ion track, or does something needs to change?
  •     I will check to see if I met my goal on (day of the week).
  •     Did I meet my goal?  (yes or no)
  •     How am I going to reward myself if I meet my goal?

 Go outside: 
This may be the most important tip!  Remember, follow the guidelines mandated by authorities. However, being outside can improve everyone’s mood and put parents and students at ease during these times.

Go for a walk, hike in the woods, play games with your children outdoors. Find something to do outside of your home where you can maintain social distancing, but can also get out of the house. This will do wonders for your child and also improve your mood at the same time.



Helpful free apps to help with any anxiety
These free apps are available in the App Store and can be great resources for anxiety.

  •     Headspace
  •     Calm
  •     Mindshift CBT

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